Sunday, August 14, 2011

Waiting part 2

Last month I tried to be postive and think baby thoughts all month. I thought of pink bundles. I thought of the scent of baby powder. My mental mantra was, "baby, baby, baby...." It was still semi-half-hearted, because every day, I feel normal. No nausea. No light headedness. No nothing. At least not anything that can't be attributed to a normal bout of PMS. And while I would LOVE to have an easy, glowing pregnancy, I would relish one day of morning sickness. One day of giving me something to hope on.

Yesterday, I was just a smidge nauseaous. More like the flap of a butterfly's wing than actual nausea. It lasted hardly a second. I felt it again today. With a bit of light-headedness. But that could be hunger. Frankly if it wasn't for our "special project" I wouldn't think anything of it. I've got a week to go before I'll know anything. If you don't hear from me, I'm probably feeling majorly disappointed.

But on the off chance that this flutter could be something, I wanted to acknowlege it, and document it. (One of these day, I'll get back into writing in my diary.)

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